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Your voice is a piece of heaven, it's pure and charming. The lyrics are original and well written.

- Cheers to the Vikings Blog

Maia! The instrumental work here is dope, definitely dig the melody! Vocals are dope. Thank you for a really great listen! I'm looking forward to hearing your future projects.

- ChillTracks

A heavy feeling of empowerment on this track. "Tears pouring, but I'm waterproof." Dope lyricism, very original line.

- SwanoDown Blog

I like your voice and your flows are cool, look forward to more!

- Juliana Hale (Instagram influencer)

I loved your voice. You have a beautiful work in your voice.

- Mr Shades (Popular YouTube channel)

Nice track, sweet melodies and vocals throughout. Enjoyed the overall vibe. Thanks and good luck with the tune!

- Purple Melon Music

Hello, I enjoyed the song and added it to our Spotify Playlist.

- Global Media Blog

I like the captivating guitar and the smooth vocals.

- Conversations About Her Blog

Personally I was quite fond of the sound of your voice and the vocal performance was great. Also the harp was a nice touch to the song.

- Esydia Records

You have an amazing voice and it fits perfectly with the vibing, bouncing production. We love the vocals and vibes on the track and you definitely did a great job on the verses. You have so much talent so please keep the music coming.

- Fresh Hip Hop R & B Blog