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From Stephan (Producer)

These songs can be on the radio right now!

From Gadi

Thanks for sharing! Wow! good melody.
I liked the spoken quote about the two reasons people come into our lives. I wish Maia much success.

From Stephen

Beautiful track! Such a lovely voice — and good lyricist too!

From Jesse

Very cool. Maia – has a great voice, really loving the harmonies in the song and nice production also.

From Kon

WOW! I'm so impressed, I was not expecting this. I hear some Rihanna and other professional singers in there. This is a professional song, very catchy - Congratulations!

From Xam

I love the R & B, smooth vibe, great voice!

From Bex


From Gray

So incredible! She is going to be a superstar!!!

From Tracey

Maia is very brave with those lyrics! Very mature content.

From Fotini

Maia is the complete package, she has the voice and the look (and she can dance) :)

From Raffi

WOW! Is that really Maia??? Jesus man, WTF! Amazing voice :)

From John

So Professional! She sounds like a big star already!

From Riwia

Sounds Amazing! Maia is going to be famous! Very cool!

From Katherine

That’s amazing, I love the song! Just played it to a few people in the office
When does this release? :)

From Chen

OMGGG! That's beautiful. So Amazing! I'm so proud of Maia.

From Boaz

Amazing!!! WoW...Absolutely Amazing...

From Michal

WoW!!!! Amazing, what a beautiful voice and song...

From Mo

That is so beautiful! She sounds like a black diva. Her voice is so peaceful and calming...I love it!

From Orly

Very Beautiful!!!

From Nurit


From Tabitha

Wow! Beautiful!!! Maia has come so far - very professional!

From Eniko

Maia is definitely ready! The song is very nice and so calming to listen to - well done! Beautiful creation.

From Noa

What an amazing talent! I want the lyrics please.

From Merav

How beautiful...Amazing!

From Dali

Great, Maia!!! Very well Done! I love it!!!!!

From Tami

Maia is so, so good! Gives me chills!

From Michal

She is amazing!!!!!! Please pass on our amazement and how much we enjoyed it!!

From Mike

She has an amazing voice! This can be on the radio...

From Pablo

WOW!!!! Speechless...Maia sings like an angel. You can all be proud of her.
She will rise like a shining star, no doubt about it.

From Cindy

It is really beautiful!!! I will share this

From Dana

It looks like with the right push she has a good chance of making it. She has an excellent voice and the song is excellent!

From Valarie

Can we just talk about how good that song was just now? OMG! That really touched my soul. I love it!

From Shiri

It is so beautiful and the lyrics really touched me...incredible!

From Joan

Are you kidding me? It's so mature and professional...amazing job!

From Don

Maia is the real deal, she really has it...amazing voice

From Gia

Beautiful song and voice!!! I can feel her great heart from her voice!!!!

From JamPie (producer)

This song is awesome!

From Shuly

Amazing!!!!! Beautiful song and great performance!!! Thanks for sharing and best success to distribute it all over!!!!

From Jocelyn

Maia has a beautiful voice.

From Tamir

Congrats. Cool song, Maia sounds great, very cool arrangement!

From Maguite

Maia sounds great!! Velvet tones!! I wish tons of success with it!!

From Erica

Oh my gosh! Maia is gorgeous. The song is so amazing...love the part where she says "people are either a blessing or a lesson"

From Alicia

That's a very special song. I just played Maia's song for my class, they loved it, they said, it needs to be longer..

From Ronald

She is really BAD!!!! Love it!!!

From Kay

This is really good! She should have no problem getting a record deal. I'm really impressed!

From Lewis

Very good! I hear a lot worse on the radio everyday. Maia looks like a pop star too! Look forward to the album!

From Irad

Beautiful voice, sound/rendition. Maia is a star in the making...the persistence will prove that.

- Thank you!